There is no doubt saffron is one of the most valuable spices in the world, an emblem of haute cuisine: ever useful, from entrèes to desserts, is at its best with rice, stews, sauces and seafood, adding no fats or calories to the recipe, but only its unique colour and aroma.

Saffron is usually added near the end of cooking time, to avoid any taste and fragrance loss, yet with some stew recipes, saffron can be diluted in water and included in the food preparation from the beginning.

Ildia knows its importance, and selects only the best Iranian, Spanish and Moroccan qualities, available in threads or powdered to meet all your cooking requirements. The highest quality for haute cuisine.
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offers to haute cuisine a wide and varied selection of saffron. Crocus Sativus’ flower has its root both in Greece and Asia Minor: its journey through the centuries made it one of the most exquisite spices and pigments around the Mediterranean Sea and then the whole World.

Ildia selects its saffron on the plateaus of Iran, Spain and Morocco, lands of thousand-years old knowledge in growing: a quality requirement for a valuable ingredient.
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ILDIA Saffron

Zafferano bustina

COD. 5600 0,125 Gr

Zafferano flacone

COD. 13604 2 Gr
COD. 13604 5 Gr
COD. 5700 12,5 Gr
COD. 5800 25 Gr

Zafferano vaso plastica

COD. 13608 25 Gr

Zafferano fili vaso vetro

COD. 19803 2 Gr
COD. 19804 5 Gr
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